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Each project needs to be treated individually, but there are some general rules for wood flooring installation to be taken into account to decide which installation method  is most appropriate type of wood flooring chosen project.

The most common wood floor fitting and installation methods are:

Nail down – Nailing down wood floors is the most common installation method. The process involves nailing or stapling the wood flooring material directly to a wood subfloor. This istallation method works for both Solid and Engineered wood flooring, but only on wood subfloors.

Glue down – The glue down installation method involves using adhesive to adhere the flooring material directly to the subfloor, or to a wood subfloor ( for a moisture barrier installed and sound insulation) This installation method it is mostly common for Solid wood flooring.

Floating – Using this installation method, the flooring material is neither nailed nor glued to the subfloor or wood subfloor, but floated above. The wood flooring, usually Engineered wood floor is either glued or clipped to itself, both tongue to groove, and at end joints. This gives the floor stability without actually fastening it to the subfloor material beneath it.


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The method of installation involves many factors that must be considered  (the type of subfloor you have, where the wood flooring is to be installed, the type of flooring, etc.). If chosen wrong installation method of the wood floor, structural failures of the floor system causing excessive movement, separation, unequal height, squeak, etc. we are here for you.

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