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Floorcare with Bona Oils

Maintenance of wooden floors is an important concern for every floor owner. To keep floors looking beautiful for years to come, regular maintenance is necessary. With Bona we have all products needed for high quality care, designed for all finished, oiled and engineered wooden floors. Our maintenance range includes products for both professional users and private floor owners.

A living floor requires care and maintenance. That’s why Bona Oils’ Care Range has been specially formulated to enhance the look and feel of natural wood floors, while maintaining the resistance against wear and moisture.

Oiled wooden

Oiled wooden floors have to be cared for properly to ensure their long-lasting beauty. Our complete range of solutions ensures the highest level of durability and performance, through a simple and smooth working process that delivers long-lasting protection and beauty.

Outdoor decking

An outdoor deck is constantly subjected to different elements of the weather, including harsh sunshine, and heavy rain and snow. We work with Bona Decking System – a fast and convenient solution that involves two unique processes of deep cleaning and protection.

Tips and Tricks on how you keep the flooring cleaning

  • Place walk off rugs at each entryway to collect dirt and grit that might be tracked in, and remember to shake them out regularly.
  • In addition to entryways, remember to place cotton rugs in any areas where water may be splashed, such as near a sink or bath,  and remember remove them immediately   once watered, specially if the surface is oiled.
  • Avoid using rubber-backed or non-ventilated mats or rugs as they can damage your floor, and remember if this happened call us  immediately - if no action is taken the problem will get worse
  • A vacuum cleaner with a soft bristled floor brush attachment, or sweeping with a soft good quality broom, or a microfiber mop can be helpful to keep daily cleaning To safely remove tough stains and spills without damage the finish of your floor, use Bona's Wood Floor cleaners are specially formulated for safe, effective cleaning of all types of wood floors, recommended by us
  • Every type of finish an hardwood floors  their have own specific products designed for their floors routine maintenance, remember to check with us as well about these cleaners


Your floor is an investment in your home.

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